Written By: Marc McPherson on February 13, 2012 4 Comments

Ok, so after coming across that random dog transformer USB flash drive, I decided to do a little more perusing through that site. There is some pretty awful stuff, and I am pretty sure anything that looks like it should be licensed, is not. But with that said, there are some damned [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on February 13, 2012 5 Comments

I am just going to go out on a limb here and suggest that more than a couple of you loud and proud geek type folks want one, or several of these!

Written By: Marc McPherson on September 23, 2011 4 Comments

For anyone with interest in solar power, renewable energy or how to build a solar panel at home, check out Homemade Solar.

Not going to lie, if it didn’t rain so much around here and the cabin wasn’t fully surrounded by giant cedar trees, I would totally try to make one of [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on September 15, 2011 One Comment

Want to go camping? Me too! So check out a new website Cheap Camping Deals for tips, information, coupons and deals.

Written By: Marc McPherson on March 20, 2011 5 Comments
Recap Week 8: Body For Life

Here we are again, another two weeks down and a photo update for those who care to see them. Week 8 was a bit strange. It came after a week that was pretty unsuccessful, and to cap it off I ended up down for the count with that cold that is going around so after [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on March 20, 2011 8 Comments

So last weekend I didn’t bother to do my weekly update. Bad, I know, part of all of this is the new habits but really the week blew. Actually, it was just the end of week 7 that got to me, briefly. Anyhow, here is what happened.

About Wednesday I decided, “Hey, I’m down 20 lbs, my [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on March 6, 2011 10 Comments
Recap: Week 6 Body For Life

Here we are again. The halfway point of the Body For Life Challenge down,6 more weeks to go. This week marked a pretty great milestone. Not only the halfway point, but also, the 20lb mark. Pretty exciting really. Six weeks, 20 lbs. Six weeks to go, [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on February 20, 2011 One Comment
Recap: Week 4 Body For Life

Here we are again. Another week of Body For Life down, 8 more to go. Today, however, is a bit of a milestone. Here we find ourselves at the one month mark. Sounds so much shorter to say 1 month down and 2 more to go [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on February 16, 2011 One Comment
Typical Day of Eating on Body For Life

Many people ask me “So what the hell can you eat on this thing? Is it some super strict diet?” My answer is always the same. Body For Life isn’t really a super strict diet. It is not some gimmicky thing where I can only eat [...]

Written By: Marc McPherson on February 13, 2011 One Comment

So here we are at week 3, day 21 of 84. Another successful week on Body For Life. I managed to temp myself again with a fully catered suite at the Canucks game on Wednesday but came away unscathed. Once again no beer, no pizza, no hot [...]

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